It’s been a few months since my last blog and the reason for this is quite simple – I became involved in another temporary adventure and most of my efforts, both physical and mental were invested in that activity. In November, 2009 to January 2010, I did volunteer work for a toy drive in the Toronto area run by local T.V. and radio stations, CP24 and CHUM radio. It was a very rewarding experience last year, volunteering just about every day from 9 am to 1 pm and then job searching the rest of the day. This past year, I decided in August that I might actually work full-time on a contract basis as a Warehouse Co-ordinator for the CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish. The Project Coordinator remembered the work I had done as a volunteer the year before and offered me the position.

During the two month contract which finished on January 7th, I had the opportunity of working for a great group of people who shared the struggle of trying to fill toy orders with extremely limited donations for babies up to 2 years and tweens and teens (ages 10 and up). When donating toys, people have the tendency to go into local toy departments which are mainly geared to the 3 years to 9 years of age children. So, there were plenty of toys for those age groups and we filled all orders, but many only partially, up until the week before Christmas. It was during that last week, that toys or gifts for the hard to fill age groups started coming in and we “worked our butts off” to get all the toy orders filled before the 23rd of December. After Christmas, we spent all our time organizing and sorting toys in the warehouse in preparation for next year.

Personally, it was a very physically demanding job, requiring standing and walking on a concrete floor throughout the entire shift. It involved bending, reaching, lifting and almost every position imaginable. It may not be a big deal for many of you, but for someone who has had a desk job for quite awhile and who does very little physical activity (I’m sorry to say), it was tough and I came home many nights exhausted and sore. But as I continue to take MaxGXL, I woke the next morning ready to take on the new day.

So, why did I decide to take this slightly-above-minimum wage job which was very physically demanding? Good question. Let me say it gave me the opportunity to work with a great group of inidividuals and working for myself at home can be lonely at times. I also got to meet a wonderful bunch of volunteers who came out either a few times over the volunteer period, or maybe just once with their company as corporate volunteers, or with their families. I also had the opportunity to work with my 14 year old daughter who also volunteered with a couple of her friends so that they could complete part of their community service requirements for school. And I also lost 9 pounds and could have lost more, if I hadn’t succumbed to the treats that were plentiful in the reception area. Even with all the donuts, chocolate, candies, and other assorted goodies, I still managed to lose 9 pounds. Just think what I might have lost, if not for those delicious treats!!

Finally, the other reason for taking on this job, was to give back to the community and help to ensure that needy kids in our community had a half decent Christmas.

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