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Most businesses today have set up a website in order to promote their products or services that they offer. Some are designed to sell their products online. But how do you get potential customers to your website in order to sell your products or services? Business owners may be spending money on the usual form of advertising – newspaper/magazine ads, TV or radio commercials, billboards, flyers, etc. and are adding their website address to the advertisements or announcements. YOU ARE STILL SPENDING A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY!! AND IS THIS ENOUGH TO DRIVE PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE??

In today’s world more and more people are using the internet to connect with people, listen to music, watch videos and movies, and to do their shopping. Social media websites have developed into a melting pot of potential customers for your business. Facebook, for example, has over 500 MILLION registered users and this equals the third largest country in the world. And it is growing by over 1 million people per day. THESE ARE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

Studies have shown that 78% of people trust peer recommendations compared to only 14% who trust advertisements. People are now developing friendships, renewing acquaintances and during this process of networking online, they are making recommendations on products and services that they’ve used.  As a business owner, entrepreneur or celebrity, you want to know what people are saying about you or your products and services. You want to be part of the discussion. You need to pay attention to Social Media.


You’re a busy business executive and your time is precious. As your Social Media Manager, my responsibility is to:

- manage your social profiles and online presence making sure you get the maximum amount of value from social media

- help protect your online image by managing all Twitter and Google alerts that are relevant to you and your business

- market your business’s services online using popular social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Blogs and other sites of interest to you and your business

- help you manage your custom built community. If you already have one setup, my daily management helps ensure your customers keep coming back

In short, I’ll develop and maintain your social media profiles, develop your connections, manage your internet reputation and drive traffic to your website to help you grow your business.

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