Shorten your URL’s on these two Social Media sites.

As a Social Media Consultant one of the things that I look for when visiting a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook business page profile is the URL’s for both profiles. A number of people don’t know that these can be shortened and personalized. Why should you bother with it, you may ask? A good question and you may not think that you need to until you want to add the URL’s to your email messages so that your contacts can find you on LinkedIn or Facebook, or you may want to add the URL’s to your business card. Or you may want to verbally direct someone to visit your profile or page and it’s a advantageous if you have an easy to remember URL.

Note: To read what’s in the images, you can click on the images to see a full sized version

Let’s look at an example from LinkedIn and I’ll use my client, Greg Labella. Here is his profile showing the URL provided by LinkedIn when he joined…

Greg's Original LinkedIn URL

This next image shows where he will find the edit feature to change his URL after clicking the “edit” link next to the original URL…

Where to edit LinkedIn URL

Here is what Greg’s new URL looks like…much shorter, easier to remember and is ready for adding to his email signature and/or to his business card (if he chooses to do so)….

Greg's New LinkedIn URL

In Facebook, you not only can shorten your Business Page URL, but also your personal page as you will see in the images below. In Facebook, you cannot change your username/URL for your business page until you have reached 25 fans and you must be sure to do it before you reach 100 fans…

Greg's Facebook page URL to start with.

Now that Greg has his 25 fans, he now goes to the facebook username page…

Facebook's username change pag

We discover that Greg hasn’t selected a username yet for his personal profile and so we are going to do that first…

Changing Personal Profile URL

We are now ready to create a username for his business page, which will result in a shortened URL…

Enter desired usernam

Now we’re all set to confirm the username as Facebook has checked the availability and we can go ahead and confirm. Make sure that you read the warnings before confirming…One them states that you can’t change the username once it has been set…

All set to confirm username of business page.

After hitting the confirmation button, the next window that should pop up is the one that says “success”….


We now can confirm for ourselves that the job has been completed successfully. Greg now has a shortened URL and this is just one of the many services that a Social Media Consultant can coach his clients to do or do for them…

Successfully Shortened URL

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