Bad Boss Website

Most of us have experienced a bad boss in our careers. In most cases we feel powerless to do anything about it as it might come back and bite us in the butt.

There is a website I’ve come across – eBoss Watch

It’s a site where you can rate your boss in complete anonymity.  You can rate your boss on their open and honest communication or lack of; whether they care about you as a person; are concerned about your career development; whether you trust and respect your boss; like working for him or her; and whether you’d recommend working for them. And given the selection of responses, you could even rate a great boss.

I have two sisters who have had to go on stress leaves from their work as a result of terrible bosses. I can’t wait to tell them about this site. One of them is going back to work today and expects to be given a package. I’m sure she’ll be on that site in a flash letting her boss know what she thinks of him.

This site also allows you to do a search of any potential bosses to see if he or she has been rated.

The site also includes a sexual harrassment registry.

It’s worth checking out.


Social Media – What’s in it for me?

As a business owner, you might be asking yourself “Social Media or social networking – what’s in it for me?”

The internet has changed our lives and social media marketing is not a fad. Learning to use social media is an absolute essential. But as a business owner, you don’t have the time to be going online and spending hours socializing on various sites as you have a business to run. Some company owners have hired an individual to do that for them and the thought might be to hire a teenager to run your social media marketing. And it has happened. But do you as a business owner want a teenager to speak for you and your business?

Successfully utilizing social media can turn a 6 – figure profit into a 7 –figure profit in just one year. Not using social media can cut profits and drop you to the bottom of your market. Here’s just a few facts about our new online reality:
• 73% of all online users are using social media
• 87% of consumers trust their friends recommendations over critics reviews
• Consumer reviews are often the #1 aid in making buying decisions
Social media is all about communicating and making connections. People are talking about all the different aspects of their lives and that includes you. You may not know it, but people are talking about the products and services your business offers. Sometimes they are even talking about you. Isn’t it time you got in on the conversation?

So, even if you do hire or contract out to a social media manager, you still need to be engaged. People do business with people because they know, like and trust you. How can some living miles from you get to do that? Through the development of internet relationships.

When your business actively participates in social networking you’ll begin to notice the benefits in just a few short months:

• The various social networks generate exposure for your business
• Look for Increased traffic on your website
• You’ll begin building new business partnerships
• Social Networking brings in New Qualified Leads.

The new social media is a tool you cannot ignore. Let me take the mystery out of social networking and make it work for your company.

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