Great Article on Social Media Examiner by Amy Porterfield

I read a very interesting article regarding facebook called the “7 Facebook Marketing Tips from World’s Top Pros by Amy Porterfield.  The seven tips include:

  1. Bring Facebook to Your Website
  2. Try Really Inexpensive Facebook Ads
  3. Leverage Friends of Connections (I really liked this suggestion)
  4. Give Your Fans Fun Reasons To Connect
  5. Use Video As Your Secret Weapon To Gain Fans (I plan to make use of this one)
  6. Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Lead Generator
  7. Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Thriving Community

All of these suggestions are really great and I know I’m planning on using a few of them, if not all. Read the full article:

7 Facebook Marketing Tips from World\’s Top Pros

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