“Grampa is on facebook??”

The expression on my daughters’ faces was priceless when I told them that their 83 year old grandfather was now on facebook. He decided to go out, at my brother-in-law’s suggestion, and get himself an iPad. He thought he might use it to connect with his younger friends or business acquaintances or to research the business that he keeps his hand in. Whatever the reason, it helps to stimulate his brain and keeps him mentally active, even if the rest of him has slowed down. In the age of digital photos, we have a tendency NOT to print photos that we’ve taken at weddings, parties, family outings, etc. My mother gets frustrated when she asks to see pictures and we say that they’re in the digital camera that we forgot to bring or they’re on the computer and most posted to facebook. Without a computer, she’s lost the opportunity to view the photos. But now with dad’s iPad, they can see the photos that family members have taken.

And from what I read, grampa isn’t the only one taking to social media. Have a look at the following article which reports that social networking among users 50 years and older (and that includes me) nearly doubled from April 2009 to May 2010. Older Adults and Social Media by Mary Madden

So don’t count your aging parents out when it comes to the computer and online social media.

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