Facebook’s News Feed

I’ve always known that Facebook had a formula for deciding who you get to see on your newsfeed. And I tried to select those in the options feature whose posts I wanted to see. But even doing that I discovered that I couldn’t see everyone. Then I noticed that I could see all my friends’ news on Hoot Suite AND I discovered that when I downloaded Facebook app on my blackberry, I was seeing everyone’s news feeds. But I do spend more time on my computer on my Facebook home page, so was only seeing certain news feeds.

I knew I was missing some news feeds from some fan pages that I’m really interested in. Two of those included Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels fan pages. I’m a fan of Biggest Loser and so like to read what the trainers are doing and saying. I went to the bottom of my home page to the “edit options” link and clicked on it. I discovered that there are now two options: 1) Show posts from “friends and pages you interact with most” and 2) Show posts from “All your friends and pages”.

Below that is a box which still contains those pages that you don’t really want to see (perhaps because they “sell” too much or play too many games and want you to be involved).  So, I clicked on the option to “show posts from all your friends and pages” and now I’m a happy camper as I get to see all the news feeds from my favorite friends and pages. And I still have the option to hide those that I find annoying.

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