Changes to Facebook

I just read an article by Woody Haken on Examiner.com which outlines changes to take place on Facebook as of August 23rd.

According to Woody,  “Facebook profiles (an individual’s presence) and pages (a business’ presence) are about to change. Right now, the width of the area that has the News Feed is 760 pixels. This is going to be whittled down to 520 pixels.” Not sure how this going to look, but it’ll be interesting to see what affect it has for Facebook users.

He goes on to say that most of these changes will have the biggest affect on developers. Among these changes are: 1. “Boxes” tab is going away; 2. Boxes on profiles and Pages are being removed; 3. Application info section is being removed; 4. Profile and Page tabs will be automatically resized to the the new format.

He further states that “Facebook, in an effort to make the transition easier for Page admins, is giving them the ability to preview their custom tabs in the new width so that they may make changes to their layouts.” I’m sure that those of us that are admins will appreciate this preview feature.

He adds in his article…”According to Fran Larkin, a platform product marketing manager with Facebook, these changes are “designed to simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers, and enable us to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook.”

Given the number of people using facebook and the growing number of businesses marketing themselves, it’s good to see facebook responding to the needs of the users and developers.

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